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Fortran documentation generator

Fordocu is an Open Source tool that generates documentation for Fortran code. The tool creates practical html documentation based on an analysis of the sources and the comments in the code. The generator works for Fortran77 and Fortran90 and supports all the commonly used features. Fordocu is different from other Fortran documentation tools because it generates far more complete documentation and uses the information contained in comments.

Why yet another Fortran documentation generator?

Adequate documentation generators exist for many modern programming languages. Javadoc and Doxygen are well-known examples. For Fortran, such tools are far less developed. For example, the documentation that is generated by  Robodoc is rather limited. And Robodoc does not use the comments in the code.  Understand for Fortran is admiddedly a very powerful tool, but it does also not use the code comments and is not free. Hence, there was room for a tool with the power of Javadoc: a tool that generates overviews of the code structure and uses comments in the code to explain the meaning of variables, modules, subroutines and functions. Fordocu is such a tool. It has been developed by VORtech by order of the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL, in Dutch). PBL has kindly released Fordocu as Open Source to the rest of the Fortran community.


Click image for a larger version

Click here for an example of documentation as it is generated by Fordocu.

Download and support

Fordocu can be downloaded on There, you will also find a forum and a bug- and feature tracker. VORtech tries to respond quickly to questions and remarks in the help forum to make sure that users will not get stuck. If you have a question or remark that is not handled quickly enough through the forum, please contact VORtech directly.

We are happy to implement corrections and extensions  to Fordocu for a reasonable fee. Because we are the ones that developed Fordocu, we are particularly efficient for this kind of work. It is up to you whether the modifications that you order will be released as Open Source or whether you want to keep them to yourselves.