News letters

VORtech sends out an annual news letter to all its contacts. The news letters contain information about developments in the field, about our projects and about our company.

In our news letters, we provide information about developments in our field. We also present a few of our most interesting projects and we use the news letter to keep our contacts up to date about the developments in the company. If you would like to receive the news letter (per e-mail or regular mail), please notify us through the contact form. The news letters are in Dutch.

This page provides pdf versions of our most recent news letters.

Nr.21 | October 2019
Nr.20 | January 2019
Nr.19 | October 2017
Nr.18 | April 2016
Nr.17 | July 2015
Nr.16 | September 2014
Nr.15 | November 2013
Nr.14 | November 2012
Do you want to receive our news letters?
To request our news letters, please let us know through our standard contact form. Do not forget to include your address if you prefer the paper version of our news letter!
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