VORtechs data scientists
Machine learning engineering is the capability to set up data pipelines, develop and train sensible models and make sure that everything is robust and maintainable. This is the expertise that is needed to roll out machine learning applications for operations.

Data science and machine learning in engineering

Applications in Engineering

Data science is revolutionizing the engineering sector. It provides new methods for monitoring, operating, optimizing and maintaining technological assets.

Why VORtech Data Science?

What makes VORtech special as a data science company? How will VORtech cooperate with you to reach the best result? You will find the answers here.

Data Science Projects

These projects illustrate what data science can do for utility companies and engineering companies. VORtech helps to unlock the potential of new methods in the technological sector.


Travel Times for Inland Shipping

For the Dutch start-up 4Shipping, VORtech, together with other partners, developed a tool to predict travel times for inland shipping. The time spent on waiting for ship locks is an important aspect.

Avoiding unsuccessful Home Visits

VORtech analyzed a data set about service men calling on customers who ware not at home. The number of such unsuccessful home visits can be reduced significantly by exploiting patterns in the probability that people in a certain area are at home.

Insights for Water Boards

Water managers in the Netherlands are responsible for an extremely complex water system, where the impact of actions is not always obvious. Therefore water managers need more insight into the relations between variables in their system.

Our data science services

Data scientists on a flexible basis

Through our specific secondment scheme, we offer our clients a special combination of flexibility, continuity and quality.

Developing data science applications

The amount of data that is generated in the technological and scientific sectors is growing by day. Building applications to analyse this data and turn it into reliable and useful information is VORtechs core competence.

Data Science Consultancy

Many companies are still searching for the right way to leverage data science. VORtech can help you explore the possibilities and to set up projects.

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