Light pollution model

When designing a lighting plan for a new residential or industrial area, the legal boundaries on light pollution should not be crossed. VORtech developed an application that shows the expected light pollution in photos of the current night sky.

Light is everywhere

The Netherlands is a well-lit country. Sometimes even a bit too well-lit: there are hardly any places where it gets really dark. Light pollution is a problem, in particular for the animals in our country. The effect of lighting is therefore more and more a subject of environmental protection laws.

A prediction model for light pollution

Royal Haskoning (now part of Royal HaskoningDHV) asked VORtech to develop an application to predict light pollution. The basis of this application is a model that can compute the effect of each lighting element. It takes into account the direction of the light (up or down), the light color, and the weather conditions.

Presented in a photo montage

The results of the model are presented in a photo montage. Using photos of the current situation, the application computes the effect of the planned lighting and pastes this in the picture. The sensitivity of the camera, the shutter time and diaphragm are taken into account. This produces a very realistic prediction of the future lighting situation.

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