VORfinance is VORtechs business unit that focusses on financial applications in banks, insurance companies, pension funds, corporate organisations and government. We offer services in the fields of mathematical methods and algorithmics, high performance computing and professional implementation of scientific software.

Improving computational software for finance and insurance

Complex algorithms and mathematical models are essential in computational software for finance and insurance. Obvious examples are the valuation of options, determining an optimal asset mix and evaluating financial risks. VORfinance can assess mathematical models and solvers and develop improvements and simplifications.

In one of our project, VORfinance helped to solve an asset management problem. We developed an improved model and implemented it. This allows our client to make much better decisions in its asset managment and hence to save a significant amount of money.

Speeding up software using High Performance Computing

For financial and actuarial computations, speed is important. Risk evaluations can be extremely complex and large but the results are needed quickly as the market is always moving. VORfinance is a high performance computing expert, skilled in making software run faster. See also the page on high performance computing on our website.

Professional implementation of financial computing software

VORfinance’s scientific software engineers are specialised in improving existing financial computing software in terms of speed, accuracy and functionality. And we can develop new computing software for various disciplines. Our extensive experience has taught us how to develop software that is well-documented, usable and maintainable. See the description of some of our projects for reference.

The VORfinance model scan

An easy way to get to know us is the VORfinance model scan. In a few days, we evaluate your finance-oriented software and tell you how it can be made faster and what other improvements should be done. VORtech offers a fact sheet: VORfinance Modelscan.

Feel free to contact us. We'll gladly come by and discuss what we can do for you. Our brochure about the VORfinance modelscan (in Dutch) describes the kind of short project that we often do for new clients to show what we can do.
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