OpenDA on a Raspberry PI 2

OpenDA can be run on a wide range of machines and architectures ranging from supercomputer to desktop and now even on a tiny machine like the Raspberry PI 2. We have installed OpenDA on a Raspberry PI 2 for educational purposes and due to personal interest.

The process went even smoother than expected. We had to unbox our new Raspberry PI 2, put it into its cover, install the OS (Raspbian) and install the standard OpenDA distribution.

Everything runs out of the box. The Raspberry PI 2 setup allows us to make and run all exercises from the OpenDA course.

The future will tell us whether we will move from handing out memory sticks to handing out complete computers at OpenDA courses.

Do you want to run OpenDA on a cluster of Raspberry machines? Be the first to do so, it should be possible without too much work but guaranteed a lot of fun!