About us

Why VORtech?

Our customers select VORtech for several reasons. One is the high quality and enthusiasm of our scientific software engineers. Another is our flexibility. We offer continuity even if the need for our services fluctuates.

25th anniversary

VORtech celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Highlight of the celebrations is the symposium in September about the increasing use of models and algorithms for operational purposes.

How we work

VORtech works for a wide variety of customers. The way we serve a customer depends on his business process and needs. We do projects but we also offer long-term contracts and the option to have a colleague working part time in the customer's office.

News letters

VORtech sends out an annual news letter to all its contacts. The news letters contain information about developments in the field, about our projects and about our company.

Fact Sheets

Our fact sheets provide information on our company and several services and fields of expertise. This page is a collection of all fact sheets available through our website.

Working at VORtech

VORtech offers a challenging environment for highly qualified professionals that want to work in computer science and mathematics.


VORtech is growing and we hire new people regularly. We are open to meet people that want to join us and have the right capabilities.


VORtech welcomes interns. Not only to do work that we never have time for ourselves, but we also want to contribute to the education of a new generation of scientific software engineers.