Special expertise

Digital twin technology

We provide core technology for the development of digital twins: model/data fusion, high performance computing and machine learning.

Models and sensor data

A computer model is always only an approximation of reality. If sensor data is available, it can be used to improve the model. VORtech has software and expertise to combine sensor data and models effectively.

High Performance Computing

Performance is always an issue for computational software. Therefore, High Performance Computing (HPC) is a core capability of our scientific software engineers. Whether you aim for a multicore architecture, a GPU, a compute cluster or a cloud solution, we make the software as efficient as possible on the available hardware. We do this using a combination of smart programming, the right algorithms and tools like CUDA, OpenCL, OpenMP and MPI.

Numerical analysis

Numerical analysis is one of the core technologies offered by VORtech. It is the collection of methods to express a mathematical model in terms that a computer can handle. Making the right choice from the huge toolbox of numerical analysis is essential for the speed and accuracy of the computations. VORtechs experts help you select the right approach.

Machine learning engineering

We offer machine learning engineering services: setting up robust data pipelines and developing, training and deploying the model. We specialise in We specialise in applications in science and engineering.

Methods, languages, techniques

VORtech can leverage a large variety of methods and techniques from mathematics and computer science.