The organization

The organizational structure of VORtech is based on shared responsibility, natural interaction and short lines of communication. This ensures that our colleagues can respond quickly and effectively to the needs of our customers. Moreover, this means that existing knowledge can quickly find its way to where it is needed. Finally, in this way we create a structure in which employees are involved and challenged.


VORtech is divided into teams of five or six people. Each team is led by a team lead, who must ensure that team members are comfortable and can develop to their full potential. The team lead stimulates development implicitly by being a role model and explicitly by disussing the progress of development with each team member. In addition, the team lead is the first point of contact in case of problems.

A number of aspects is considered in the selection of team members. We make sure that members of a team work as much as possible on different projects and for different clients. This provides a broad perspective on the outside world from within the team. The teams are therefore explicitly not market- or business-oriented. We bring together people who are a good match and who have a good click with the team lead.

Teams usually have short weekly meetings to discuss ongoing developments within the company and within the team. They also organize social team activities.

Because projects are usually done by people from multiple teams, there is a natural link between the teams. Further coordination takes place between the various teams in the planning meeting and the meeting of the team leads.

VORtech collega's

VORtech colleagues at the celebration of the 25th anniversary of VORtech


The board of VORtech is formed by the partners. These are senior employees who are shareholders and have the skills and interest to participate actively in the governance of the company. They make all important decisions about strategy and policy and other matters that touch the heart of the organization. These decisions are taken in the partner meeting, which in principle takes place four times a year. The day-to-day management is done by the three-member Management Team (MT) that meets monthly.

Partners have broad powers in making offers and taking on obligations.

In addition, most partners also have their own management portfolio, such as finance, quality or knowledge. VORtech has no separate staff, apart from matters such as administration, management support and system administration. All responsibility is borne by people who also do executive work. This also ensures that the board of VORtech has a natural link with our customers. Because many partners are also team leads, there is also a natural link with the interests of colleagues.

The partners in 2023 (from left to right): Nils van Velzen (portfolio finance en IT, MT member), Johan Meijdam (portfolio HR, MT member), Werner Kramer (portfolio planning), Dirk van Meeuwen (portfolio knowledge), Jeroen Gerrits (no portfolio), Maarten Bosmans (candidate partner, portfolio hiring), Koos Huijssen (portfolio quality management) and Mark Roest (general director, portfolio marketing & sales, MT member).