Why VORtech?

VORtech is the strategic development partner for computational software for many large companies and institutes. We have the special expertise needed for developing this kind of software. And we offer continuity even if the need for our services fluctuates.

The concept of partnership is central to our culture and business processes. Being a good partner means that our clients can fully trust us to work in their best interest. We maintain high quality standards in the software that we develop for our clients and in our software development process. We keep up to date in our field of expertise so that we can always offer the best solutions and advise. And: we are there if the client needs us but take a step back when we are not needed.

Our services

VORtech offers a complete set of services for the development, modernization and refactoring, maintenance and optimization of software for large scale or complex computations. We also provide consultancy and training.

Our customers

We work for large companies and institutes, as well as for SME’s and startups. Our clients come from the private sector as well as from the government sector and from research institutes.

Why our customers choose for us

VORtech is special because:

  • We offer special expertise in a number of fields. We get this expertise not only by doing high-tech projects, but also through our own research.
  • We offer our services in various forms to best match the business process of our customer. So you can ask us to do projects but you can also hire our employees for part-time temporary positions.
  • We offer continuity and flexibility at the same time. All our colleagues work on multiple projects simultaneously, usually allowing them to scale up for one customer while temporarily scaling down for another customer. Even if a colleague is not needed for a customer for some time, that colleague can again be made available when the need returns. Thus, there is often no need to bring someone else up to speed.
  • We maintain good contacts with the mathematical research community in the Netherlands, which gives  us good insights in the latest developments. In some respects, we are a bridge between science and industry.

The people working at VORtech share an enthusiasm for their field and creativity in solving problems. But they also want to reach their results in a professional and controled way: within budget and on time. Applicability, quality and reliability are core values for us.

VORtech offers a fact sheet about the company: VORtech Scientific Software Engineers.

Are you interested?
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