Software maintenance is essential to guarantee the availability and reliability of your software. We provide various services for maintenance of scientific or engineering software. These are based on our rich experience with computational software and our familiarity with standard maintenance procedures.

Your partner for software maintenance

Does your company develop it’s own software? Then it is important to properly organize it’s maintenance. VORtech supports you by helping you organize the maintenance in your own company or institute. Or by taking over the entire burden of software maintenance.

Here is an overview of the ways in which we can support you.

Consult you about proper organization of maintenance

If you are not satisfied with the way maintenance is currently organized within your company, we will gladly advice you on a better approach. We can tell you what will or will not work. After all, we have been doing maintenance for our customers for over 25 years. And we have seen a wide variety of maintenance organizations in the various clients that we serve.

Supporting your software maintenance team

If your maintenance team requires temporary extension, VORtech can help you. For example, when you want to do a major overhaul of the code or if you want to bring out a new release. We are used to working with standard maintenance processes like ITIL and ASL, so we will seamlessly fit in your organization.

Do the maintenance for you

In this case, we take care of all the maintenance tasks and you can rely on us to properly organize everything. Part of this can be additive maintenance: adding functionality to your software. We also bring out new releases. We regularly confer with you about the development of the software. The arrangements regarding our services are laid down in a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Advantages of outsourcing software maintenance

Outsourcing maintenance has several advantages for you:

It is often cheaper

VORtech has a very efficient organization for maintenance. In addition, the costs of our tools can be spread across all our customers. And: you only pay for us when there is actual work to be done.

It is professional

In many organizations, the software maintenance is done by people that are primarily driven by new development or even by application experts. At VORtech, we have people that are specialized in maintenance and know from their experience what is needed.

It gives you insight in your maintenance costs

As you get a monthly specified invoice, you will constantly have a clear picture of your maintenance costs. This, in turn, gives you insights to consider ways to reduce these costs.

It is easier to scale up

If you want to do a big overhaul of your software (for instance to be the first on the market with a new feature), you will not have to hire and train new people. We will make sure that multiple developers have an understanding of your software which allows us to scale up reasonably easy.

Are you interested?

VORtech offers a fact sheet about software management: Maintenance Management. In addition, we regularly publish blog posts about software development. Feel free to contact us if you are have any questions about software maintenance for scientific or engineering applications.

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