SIMONA maintenance

For over 15 years, VORtech contributes significantly to the maintenance of the software that the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment uses for its water management.

Advanced computational models for water management

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment makes extensive use of advanced flow simulation models for its water management tasks. These models are collectively called SIMONA (SImulatie MOdellen voor de NAtte waterstaat). They are not only used to answer policy questions and to help in design processes, but they are also used operationally in the daily water level predictions.

The precursor of SIMONA, on which the current software is based, has been developed in the ’70s of the last century. In its present form, the code stems from the ’90s. The software consists of more than 10 applications and the code has more than a million lines.

VORtech as partner for software maintenance

  • Since the 90’s, VORtech supported the company that was responsible for the maintenance of the software. We were primarily hired for the mathematical aspects of the code and for the parallel computing functionality.
  • Since 2004, VORtech had an even more extensive role as a partner of LogicaCMG (now CGI) and Alkyon, which then became responsible for the maintenance of the code. VORtech did the maintenance work, Logica CMG managed the process, and Alkyon was responsible for the hydrologic aspects and testing the software.
  • In 2010, the SIMONA software was transferred to Deltares. Even today, VORtech is hired to help maintain the code.
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