Working at VORtech

VORtech offers a challenging environment for highly qualified professionals that want to work in computer science and mathematics.

VORtech, a cooperation of experts

VORtech wants to be primarily a cooperation of highly qualified experts. Consequently, we have a very flat organization model. The value that you bring to your customers, your colleagues and the company as a whole is the primary basis for performance evaluation.

We expect every colleague to help build the company. Do you see important tasks or roles that are not yet properly handled and that match your interest and talent? Then there is room for you to take up these tasks or roles.

Developing as an expert

Our expertise is the primary reason why our customers come to VORtech. Therefore, you are stimulated to deepen your understanding of our field and to extend your knowledge. And if possible, we like you to help develop the field as a whole.

We regularly have lunch meetings that allow expert colleagues to share their knowledge or to get new understanding from external speakers. We stimulate you to publish (both scientific papers and more popular publications) and to take part in workshops and seminars. If you like to organize a meeting yourself, you are quite welcome.

Developing to an all-round professional

Our career management is based on function levels. Every level is defined by a set of skills that you have to master and apply.

Initially, you will be working primarily on your skills in computer science and mathematics. As your professional development proceeds, your tasks will come to include things like project management and acquisition of work. In this way, you develop broadly to the level of a self supporting professional.

When you’ve reached that level, you can specialize in your further development. You can choose to become a real world-class expert in a particular domain, you can enhance your management skills or you can decide to specialize in the acquisition of work (or a combination of those three).

We want to see colleagues grow to the role of team lead. In that role, you lead a team that is oriented on a particular product, a particular expertise or a particular market. Teams are formed dynamically based on the chances that we perceive in the market.

Working at VORtech

The contract that you have with us is in many respects pretty standard for our field. What sets us apart from other companies is the opportunity to participate financially in the company, freedom to combine your personal life with your work and a rather generous pension arrangement.

Are you interested?
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