Paper on HPC software tool for climate research

VORtech is an SME-partner in the LINC project funded by EC’s Marie-Curie ITN program. Hisham Ihshaish and Johan Dijkzeul from VORtech helped researchers in the LINC project to approach climate phenomena from a complex systems point of view. An HPC software tool Par@graph has been developed to analyze the very large climate networks.

In the paper, Par@Graph is presented, a software toolbox to reconstruct and analyze complex climate networks having a large number of nodes (up to at least 106) and edges (up to at least 1012). The key innovation is an efficient set of parallel software tools designed to leverage the inherited hybrid parallelism in distributed-memory clusters of multi-core machines. The performance of the toolbox is illustrated through networks derived from sea surface height (SSH) data of a global high-resolution ocean model.

Published in: Geosci. Model Dev., 8, 3321-3331:

Par@Graph – a parallel toolbox for the construction and analysis of large complex climate networks
By Ihshaish, H., Tantet, A., Dijkzeul, J. C. M., and Dijkstra, H. A.:

This paper is freely available at