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The joy of working with legacy code

At VORtech we mostly work on extending and improving existing code. Let us explain why this is so important and how it works. 
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Mathematical Modelling of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can have a radical impact on someone’s quality of life. A burn injury in the neck, for example, can cause a contraction that makes it impossible for someone to lift his or her head. Complications such as hypertrophic scars and contractions can occur as the result of burn injuries. In the first-place, hypertrophic scars cause aesthetic problems. In the case of hypertrophy, the scar is thicker and more elevated than normal. The second class of complications, an excessive contraction, often causes reduced mobility of the joint of the patient.
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High Performance Computing: converging or diverging?

Is High Performance Computing converging or diverging? Will there be generic HPCexperts or does each platform require its own expert?
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Paper on HPC software tool for climate research

An HPC software tool Par@graph has been developed to analyze the very large climate networks by the LINC project, funded by EC’s Marie-Curie ITN program.
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