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Digital Twins


How will Machine Learning change Computing and Simulation?

The launch of ChatGPT made the world aware that Machine Learning will fundamentally change the way we live and work. The field of computing and simulation will be no exception. But it’s not just ChatGPT: there are other innovations from machine learning that are bringing exciting changes for computing. In this blog, we’ll explore the potential of this new technology.
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Experiments with simple model-order reduction methods

Model-order reduction is a powerful technique to speed up simulations. It can be used to solve performance issues in applications like design optimization, model-based predictive control, or digital twinning. In this blog, we’ll give a very basic introduction to these techniques and describe some experiments that were done at VORtech by two interns at VORtech, Floris Roodenburg and Abinash Mishra. They could speed up calculations by more than a factor of ten.
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25th Anniversary Symposium: “Computer Models in the Workplace: towards Digital Twins and Beyond”

To celebrate our 25th anniversary with our customers, we organize a symposium on Tuesday the 28th of September in the afternoon. The theme will be computer models and algorithms for operational use. We’ll be looking back to where the field came from, but certainly also ahead to what is coming.
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The Business Case for Digital Twins

Literally billions of euros in are invested digital twins. Market analysts have reasons to believe that digital twins are really a good investment. Why do they believe that? What is the business case behind all these investments? As a company that provides the technology behind digital twins, VORtech often discusses such questions with our clients. This gives us a good insight in the arguments that are typically made.
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Five Ways to Classify your Digital Twin

Digital twins are the hype of the moment in automation. But the concept is rather ambiguous: people refer to it in many different ways. To bring some order in this confusion, I tried to find a classification of digital twins. It turns out that a single classification is not enough.
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An Open Source Platform for Digital Twins?

Digital twins are the hype of the day in industrial technology. Software companies are quick to jump on the band wagon, launching products that fulfil at least part of the functionality that is associated with digital twins. But where is the open source platform that allows collaboration on the development of this concept? The current open source initiatives don't seem to live up to the needs. An initiative on European level would be welcome.
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Digital Twins in Asset Management

When I first heard the term Digital Twin, I was immediately fascinated. It opens up an entire new realm of simulation.
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