News about the team

VORtech has been growing relatively quickly in recent years. While we have hired an average of one additional employee per year, we have hired five new colleagues in the past year:

  • Edo van Veen (right in the photo) switched to VORtech on September 1 last year. He obtained his PhD on supercomputer calculations on thin materials used in electronics. He then worked at TUDelft on software to study molecular processes.
  • Martina Pippi (left in the photo) is a civil engineer by training. After her training in Italy, she came to the Netherlands and became a very good Python developer at her previous employer. She joined VORtech in March to develop further in the field.
  • Sander Stengewis (second from the left in the photo) obtained his MSc in England in the field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD). In his previous job he developed more and more interest in programming and decided to make it his job. Sander came to work at VORtech on June 1.
  • Hunter van Geffen (second from the right in the photo) joined the VORtech team at the beginning of September. He is one of the few VORtechers with a computer science background: he recently graduated from the computer science faculty at TUDelft. His graduation work was about creating images in which cells were organized based on their genetic material.
  • Mat Tolladay (center in the photo) is VORtech’s newest colleague and has been working with us since October 1, after several years as a postdoc at universities in England and the Netherlands. He is originally British and has a PhD in Computational and Theoretical Chemistry.

Our company has grown well again in the past year. We pay a lot of attention to training new colleagues. This should ensure that our quality and culture remain intact. Our culture is important for our employees: they want to be able to easily find each other to share knowledge and experience and feel connected in their enthusiasm for the profession. It is this culture that ensures that all our colleagues can deliver the best quality.

This year we said goodbye to Stefan Frijters and Saleem Sarwar. We thank them for the valuable contribution they have made to VORtech and its customers.