Scientific Software Engineer

VORtech (Delft) is currently not hiring, but open applications are always welcome. On this page, you can see what kind of people we typically hire.

Scientific Software Engineer (24 - 40 uur)

VORtech (Delft) is currently not hiring, but open applications are always welcome. On this page, you can see what kind of people we typically hire.

This is why you want to work as a scientific software engineer at VORtech

  • Because you enjoy developing software, learning its scientific background, and having contacts with clients.
  • Because you can make a difference in the primary process of very different clients, from startup to government agency and multinational.
  • Because our company in Delft offers great opportunities to develop yourself along your own knowledge and interests. Just ask our 25 colleagues, each of them scientific software engineers that have grown professionally and personally at VORtech.

This can be your workday

You spend your morning implementing a new network model on the compute cluster of a major transmission system operator (TSO). With this new software, the TSO can evaluate many different scenarios to determine which bottlenecks in the network need to be addressed in the coming energy transition.

At the end of the morning, you have a video meeting. You discuss the requirements and wishes for the simulation software with users and domain experts. What do they need from the software? Will that fit in the scope of this project? The people at the other end of the line are still forming their ideas, so as a consultant you use your expertise to help them find answers.

The afternoon starts with a talk from one of your colleagues who just finished an awesome project. You see opportunities to apply the things you learn here in another project. After that, you have a team meeting of one of the project teams that you are in. The team will develop software for a new computational model for an innovative startup and you discuss who will do what. With your tasks defined, you spend the rest of the afternoon in your own bubble working on the code. A nice way to wrap up your day.

This is what we offer you

First of all, we offer you a nice working environment where you can be yourself and grow both professionally and personally. We encourage you to find a good work-life balance as this will give you the energy and time to grow. Maybe you want to become an expert in your field. Or maybe you want to work on other skills, combining your software development work with account management, project management or leading a team. Many colleagues are on the same track. They love to share their knowledge and experience, but they are also curious to what you bring to the table.

Besides this, you can expect:

  • An initial gross salary between € 3.400, – (if you just finished your MSc) and € 3.900, – (if you recently got your PhD) per month. Do you already have more experience? Then we gladly discuss a proper salary with you.
  • A one-year contract to start, with the express intention to convert that to a permanent position if the match works out.
  • Challenging projects for high-profile customers.
  • Time and budget to follow courses and trainings, attend meetups, workshops, and symposia and to experiment with new technology.
  • Experienced colleagues who will be happy to coach you and share their expertise to help you grow.
  • Holiday allowance and 27 holidays (for a fulltime employment). In case you need more time off, we are open to let you buy additional free days or to change your parttime factor either temporarily or permanently.
  • Share of profits and the opportunity to buy certificates of shares and, over time, become partner and shareholder in the company.
  • Flexible working hours and a comfortable mix of working from home and in the office. The atmosphere at work is relaxed and there is always someone open for a chat.

Read more about working at VORtech.

Why VORtech is the ideal place for you

  • You enjoy developing software with complex algorithms. It doesn’t matter for you whether it’s Fortran, C, Python, C++, or any other programming language. Your motto in live is: you can always learn what you don’t know.
  • You like to work on software for simulation and forecasting, numerical mathematics, algorithmics, high performance computing and machine learning.
  • You are curious and inquisitive by nature, and you enjoy using your skills to help users.
  • Next to the programming, you like discussions with clients and colleagues. Here is what gives you energy: delivering high-quality work and clients that appreciate your expertise.
  • If you are not already proficient in Dutch, you welcome the opportunity to learn Dutch quickly so that you can talk to Dutch clients.

Is this job the perfect fit for you?

Then we gladly receive your cv and a motivation in which you state why you want to work at VORtech. Please send your application to Marijke Kuipers at Do you have any questions regarding the vacancy? Feel free to use this same address to send inquiries.

The hiring procedure consists of two meetings: the first one with two potential colleagues and the second with the prospective team lead and general manager. When you start working, we ask you to apply for a Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag (Certificate of Good Behavior, VOG) because this is a requirement for a number of our customers.

Please note that we will close the vacancy when we have found a good match. So, don’t way too long to express your interest.

We do not appreciate acquisition based on this vacancy.