High Performance Computing

Performance is never enough for many computational codes. Scientific software engineers know how to make software as efficient as possible and to get the maximum from the available hardware.

When doing large scale computations you will quickly hit the boundaries of computational speed and available memory. This can be alleviated by optimizing the code to better use the available hardware. Or by adapting the code to run on very powerful computing systems. VORtech offers a range of services that will help your organisation to exploit the power of High Performance Computing.

The advantages

High Performance Computing (HPC) offers the following advantages:

  • Get your results more quickly
    Systems for operational predictions need the results of a simulation in a limited time frame. But low computing times will also enhance the efficiency of your work as it reduces waiting times.
  • Higher accuracy
    More accurate computations can be done in the same time frame. For example by using a finer grid, doing more iterations or (in Monte Carlo simulations) evaluating more samples from a random distribution.
  • Better models
    Optimization of software makes it possible to run better models in the same computing time. Models with less assumptions and simplifications will produce more reliable results.
  • More alternatives
    More variants of a design can be simulated in the same time frame. This will eventually lead to a better design or a better understanding of the error margins.

Three steps to optimal performance

  1. Use more efficient algorithms
    Often, much computing time can be saved by using a smarter algorithm. This requires both mathematical expertise and a thorough understanding of algorithmics.
  2. Investigate optimisations
    Analyse computing time and make a well-considered plan to increase the performance. Take into account both low level optimisations (better memory use, improved cache-use, vectorisation, use of optimised libraries) but also improvements on a higher level (parallellisation or the use of GPUs).
  3. Implement optimisations
    Improve the code according to plan. This may vary from modifying a few performance-critical lines to an entirely new software architecture. In any case, it is important that the code remains understandable and maintainable.

Our services

We offer you a range of services, based on our extensive experience with HPC, scientific software development and mathematical modeling.

  • The Modelscan
    A complete analysis of your code and advice on the best strategy for improvement, including a development plan and an estimate of costs and benefits.
  • Software development
    Implement code improvements for the chosen HPC optimisation. Installing and tuning your software on a specific platform.
  • Hardware-consultancy and mediation
    Consultancy with respect to the HPC requirements of your application and mediation for purchasing hardware with one of our hardware, middleware and HPC cloud partners.
  • Training
    Trainings in the field of scientific software engineering and performance-aware programming.

VORtech offers a fact sheet about HPC: High Performance Computing.

In addition, we regularly publish blog posts about HPC.

Feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to come and discuss what we can do for you. Our brochure about High Performance Computing gives you a concise overview of our services in this field.
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