The MLCon 2020 Dutch Machine Learning Conference

On September 23th, 2020 the Verkadefabriek in ‘s-Hertogenbosch is the place to be if you want to learn about machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence. The focus of the MLCon 2020 conference program is on applications of Machine Learning in the high tech industry. This makes it an obvious event for VORtech to sponsor.​

VORtech has been working for over 20 years on models of the world around us. Combining mathematics with state-of-the-art software engineering, we have developed powerful tools that help to make important decisions.

Until recently, these tools were often based on mathematical models. But as data becomes more readily available, our solutions make ever more use of observational data or are even entirely data driven. We apply advanced statistical methods, machine learning techniques and data assimilation. VORtech recently completed successful project in fields like traffic management, energy network, water supply, finance and construction. See our data science website for more information.​

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