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10 Rules for Scientific Software Engineering

In the 20 years that VORtech has been in the business of scientific software engineering, we've seen many different codes and witnessed many different development processes.
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Big Data MBA

What if you are, say, an engineering company with loads of experience in building complex installations but without any data science background. Where do you start?
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VORtech turned 20!

VORtech celebrated its 20th Anniversary by sharing its experience in scientific software engineering with a series of lectures in May and by having a major celebration event on May 31, 2016.
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The past, present and future HPC platform

Wat is er de afgelopen 10 jaar gebeurd op het gebied van de hardware voor het grotere rekenwerk, oftewel de High Performance Computing (HPC)? En wat staat ons de komende jaren te wachten? We gingen in gesprek met twee systeembouwers en we kregen van hen een vogelvlucht perspectief van de ontwikkelingen in HPC-platformen.
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Fortran is alive!

Fortran is alive! Mark Roest considers five reasons why the Fortran programming language isn't dead and survived the punchcard.
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Data science for utilities: opportunities and challenges

Data analytics for is a powerful tool for utilities to predict future demand and improve business-to-customer communication.
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High Performance Computing: converging or diverging?

Is High Performance Computing converging or diverging? Will there be generic HPCexperts or does each platform require its own expert?
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