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Fortran is alive!

Fortran is alive! Mark Roest considers five reasons why the Fortran programming language isn't dead and survived the punchcard.
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Data science for utilities: opportunities and challenges

Data analytics for is a powerful tool for utilities to predict future demand and improve business-to-customer communication.
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High Performance Computing: converging or diverging?

Is High Performance Computing converging or diverging? Will there be generic HPCexperts or does each platform require its own expert?
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Paper on HPC software tool for climate research

An HPC software tool Par@graph has been developed to analyze the very large climate networks by the LINC project, funded by EC’s Marie-Curie ITN program.
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The eScience Symposium and Woudschoten Conference

VORtech visited the National eScience Symposium and the Woudschoten Conference
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